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How to run STM32F4 Discovery examples with Attolic TrueSTUDIO?


I received my Discovery board a week ago and still I can't load any examples. I can run a new project (I followed a tutorial) without problems, but when I try to import examples such as the 'audio playback and record' I can't build the project, debug, etc. Here are my steps:

  1. Downloaded STSW-STM32068. - STM32F4DISCOVERY board firmware package, including 22 examples.
  2. File / Import / Existing Projects into Workspace
  3. Select root directory: STM32F4-Discovery_FW_V1.1.0\project\Audio_playback_and_record
  4. Tried to build the project from the imported folder, there is no option. An alert icon shows there are some problems, inside the 'inc' folder the usb_conf.h has a few alerts (line 27, 139, 152, 166).
  5. Then I tried importing the whole STM32F4-Discovery_FW_V1.1.0 folder. The project folder appeared, but can't build any project again.
  6. Then I tried the 'demonstration' folder. Also no success..

I don't know what else to do. I thought this would be more straightforward... Could anyone help? Thanks!