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Finding sizeof(structure) in Atollic TrueSTUDIO

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I am programming a SMT32 chip and I am trying to find the size of a defined structure like the code snippet below. From reading online, using sizeof() on a structure can yield different results on different IDEs. When I use sizeof(struct some_struct) in Atollic TrueSTUDIO, I get an error. What do I use to return the size of a structure in Atollic TrueSTUDIO?

struct some_struct{
UINT8 variable1;
UINT8 variable2
UINT32 variable3
UINT8 strucutre_size;
strucutre_size=sizeof(struct some_struct);


What errors specifically does it report. Bunch of semi-colons missing if I cut-n-paste

typedef struct _some_struct{
    UINT8 variable1;
    UINT8 variable2;
    UINT32 variable3;
    } some_struct;
int main(void)
  size_t structure_size;
  structure_size = sizeof(some_struct);
  printf("%d\n", structure_size);

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You missed some semicolons inside your structure, also the types UINTx may not be defined.

This code must work in True Studio.

   struct some_struct{

   uint8_t variable1;

   uint8_t variable2;

   uint32_t variable3;


   int main(void){

   uint8_t structure_size;

   structure_size=sizeof(struct some_struct);


"some_struct" is 32bit aligned, so after padding the total size reported from sizeof will be 8 bytes.

consider use #pragma pack(x) directive to change the alignment. and/or reorder structure members to reduce the requiring memory or to conform to some specific structure pack format.