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Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

@Bonnie wrote:

I'm a beginner in doing embedded coding and I don't want to use STM32cubeMX for code generation ?

Why not?

It's exactly things like this where CubeMX really shines!

The graphic interface is probably the clearest way to see all the timing options, and how they interact.

Even if you're not actually going to use the code that it generates, you could use the generated code as the basis for your own code ...

I went on the assumption that it'll be better for me to learn how the firmware works through going through each line rather than have a program that generates the code for me to give me a better understanding on how to program the chips better. 

That might be true on a simple 8-bit microcontroller, but I think, at the level of STM32 chips, there is so much complexity that it's going to be more a hindrance than a help.

eg, just getting the clocks set up involves writing dozens of registers, checking statuses, etc ...

This is exactly why all the Cortex-class chipmakers now have something like CubeMX