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Reading temperature from adc value(Non linear)

Hi,I am using STM32G491RE. I have to read temperature values from ADC. We  used voltage divider circuit to map the voltage values with temperature values it is non linear change between volatge and temperature.I tried below wayconst uint16_t adc_valu...


Hi there,We use a STM32F723 controller and want to connect two external RAM devices.Now we have to select a RAM that fits to the FMC. What we can't find in the reference manual RM0431 is if SDRAM-DDR functionality is provided or only SDRAM without DD...

CObri.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F401 Using flash memory sector 0 as storage

Hello,I'm searching for a way to use sector 0 as storage memory but no luck so far.I'm using STM32F401CCU6 and I'm working on a firmware which have to save about 300 bytes in a no volatile memory. For this microcontroller family we have this memory m...

Chuckero by Associate II
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Performing OTA on STM32F103C8T6 using ESP

Hi,I am looking for some guidance on my project. It would be great if someone could help me out.I am trying to perform OTA on STM32F103C8T6 using ESP. The ESP and STM communicate over UART. Here the binary is downloaded by the ESP from a server and, ...

Partham by Visitor
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M7 with 4xRAM ICs over FMC

Hi,We have a question about a system design we would like to implement for our product.We are working with the STMF32F723 MCU and are developing our own HW. We need 216MByte of RAM for our application and would like to implement it with the functiona...

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CObri.1 by Associate II
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lwIP no hostname on DHCP server

Customized hardware with STM32H723 + LAN8740A for MII mode.LWIP Settings:#define NO_SYS 1#define LWIP_DHCP 1 #define LWIP_NETIF_HOSTNAME 1The DHCP client, UDP and TCP server and ICMP(Ping) are all working fine.But host name didn't show up on DHCP ser...

JYI by Associate II
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STM32U575 change PWM output duty realtime

I tried to change PWM output duty without stopping or suspending PWM output, but between two times of writing new value to CCR, there must be a delay time inserted in. Following is the example code:/* if delay_ms(300), code can run correctly, if chan...

STM32F4 RTC issue

Hello,We would like to inquire about the abnormal operation of the RTC of STM32F427IIT6 included in our product. Please check the below.Used MCUSTM32F427IIT6BackgroundRTC is used for Log, so it is used very frequentlyIt has been 4 to 5 years since th...

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835238 by Associate III
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