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PDR_ON pin burns out

Hello. I've custom board with STM32H743VIH6(BGA100) and also I've a problem with PDR_ON(F7) pin. My device should periodically wake up from STOP mode but after some time PDR_ON pin burns out and microcontroller stops working normally (for example: I ...

ANosn.1 by Associate II
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RTC wake up time counter limit

In my app, I need MCU to go to stop mode and then wake up by RTC timer. I follow this RTC wake up example and manage to make MCU go to stop mode for a few seconds and then wake up. Because in my app, we want MCU to wake up once in a few hours instead...

HDaji.1 by Senior
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Some of CAN packet have trouble.

Hello. I am developing CAN communication protocols using STM32F429.However there is a problem in sending CAN frame data. Here is a picture which I captured in CAN TX using logic analyzer, and as you can see, the series of data is losted after first d...

interactics_ST_0-1708505983865.png interactics_ST_1-1708506289458.png

USB-PD over STM32G0 in default current mode

Hello,I'm testing USB Power Delivery (in dula role power) over STM32G0.I used ST wiki guide :'s works except for a specific case :STM32G0 is configured in DRP-Source wi...

Vvedr.11 by Associate II
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LDO for STM32H573AII3Q

STM32H573AII3Q is a 169 pin UFBGA SMPS package. Along with SMPS option, does it also have internal LDO for core supply? Can we use internal LDO to supply core voltage for this package?

madhu1 by Associate
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Start DAC and ADC at the same time

Hello,I am using a NUCLEO-H743ZI2 and program on the STM32CubeIDE1.13.2The purpose of my project is to create a 2kHz sine and to sample it at 40kHz at the same time.I would like to have no delay between the 12bits DAC and the 12bits ADC: that the fir...

sinus_raw_1s_trigger_correct-spect.png sinus_raw_3s_trigger-phaseMax.png sinus_3s_tempo_delay.png ramp3s_whole.png
Kévin by Associate II
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STM32U5A5 USB CDC issue

My project use STM32U595 chip. It will use HS USB to send large amount data to computer.I use NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q for testing.The project use Ux_Device_CDC_ACM in NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q of STM32Cube_FW_U5_V1.4.0.I reference this post

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