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CubeIDE and classB setup

Associate II

We will be submitting our STM32F101vft based appliance for UL certification.  We found the self-test extension X-CUBE-CLASSB.  

I review app note AN4435, and also found this community post from Christophe Vrignaud helpful.

The example project STM3210C_EVAL did not build for me, but that's ok, I decided to try to integrate the self test code into my project anyway.

1) I copied the Middlewares/STM32_SelfTest_Library folder into my <workspace>/Middlewares/ folder.

2) I copied .s files from Projects/STM3210C_EVAL/SW4STM32/Assembly/ to <workspace>/Drivers/STM32F1_SpecificTests/ folder

3) changed the extension from .s to .S so Cube would recognize the files.

4) added ../Middlewares/STM32_SelfTest_Library/inc to my project C/C++ build include paths

clean & compile

I'm getting symbol errors for things defined in the Assembly .S files, and I don't see them getting included/linked in the build anywhere.  

Example error: 

../Middlewares/STM32_SelfTest_Library/inc/stm32fxx_STLlib.h:77:8: error: unknown type name 'IWDG_HandleTypeDef'


I expect I'm missing some Cube configuration setting, I'm not sure what.  I checked source paths in .cproject, and I think it should see any/all files under the Drivers/ directory, so is there something else?  a gcc flag?

Thank you,