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Facing motor stall in range of Full step speed (FS_SPD) register

Associate II

For our application, we are running the stepper motor from 5 step/sec to 6500 step/sec and to achieve this step/sec we have kept the FS_SPD register value to 2333.33 step/secThere is a switching between micro-stepping and full step mode at 2333.33 step/sec.


Using a script, we are changing steps/sec from 1800 step/sec to 2400 step/sec and from 2400 step/sec to 1800 step/sec. I have attached a video for the same. We found that the motor is continuously stalled during this range. The stepper motor is running smoothly for all other ranges.


is it related to the powerSTEP01 driver FS_SPD register issue?


Can you provide a solution to resolve this issue?


@Cristiana SCARAMEL @Douglas MILLER