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The ridiculous way to run DP83848 with STM32H7 ( its work )

Muhammed Güler
Senior III

I would like to share the result of my efforts to run STM32H723VET6 and DP83848 together.

I made the following changes in the settings here.

Since 0x30040000 address is not defined on my processor, I have configured the MPU, ethernet and lwip memory settings to start at 0x30000000.

Since there is nothing that can be done for DP83848, I created the project by selecting the PHY settings LAN8742.

first i tried the code of a couple of people who set the LAN8742 settings but they didn't work.

then an absurd idea came to my mind. Replacing LAN8742 codes with codes generated for STM32F4 and DP83848.

STM32F4 uses the HAL library and several definitions to communicate with ETH PHY instead of the stupid and difficult to modify library.

With a little effort, I obtained the ethernetif.c file below.

I wonder why I had to create an STM32F4 project in order to use ethernet in STM32H7.

Chief II

The more they (the HAL/Cube team) try to "fix" complex things, the messier the code gets. It's a consequence of politics and therefore it's hopeless to expect something decent from them.

Associate III

hello, ı want to use Dp8384 with h747 but with out operation system. How can do it.


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