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How can we connect PS5 controller with STM32 Controller using USB HID?


Hello STM community,


I am currently working on a project that involves connecting a PS5 controller to an STM32 microcontroller. I would like to inquire about the feasibility and potential approaches for achieving this integration.


Specifically, I am interested in:


Whether the STM32 microcontroller supports USB host mode and is capable of communicating with USB HID (Human Interface Device) peripherals such as the PS5 controller.

Any available libraries, examples, or resources that could help with implementing USB host communication and interfacing with the PS5 controller on the STM32 platform.

Any considerations or challenges to be aware of when connecting and communicating with the PS5 controller, such as protocol compatibility, power requirements, and data handling.

If anyone has experience or insights regarding this topic, I would greatly appreciate your input and guidance.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Best regards,

Hirani Bhavik.


We are working with Nucleo-L476RG and PS5. we got a library for Arduino and it's working properly, But we need to setup with stm32 microcontroller..