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What's the Correct Power Supply Scheme for H725/735 VFQFPN68 Package?

Associate II

Since the VFQFPN68 package doesn't provide the VDDLDO, should the chip work just with VDD/VBAT/VDDA all connected to 3v3?

Updates: during my unit test, I kept only the STM32H725 chip on the board and removed all the other components. Then I powered the chip with 3v3 to VDD/VBAT/VDDA, but the VCAP was around 100mv and I couldn't connect to the chip. However, once I supplied 1v2 to VCAP, I could connect to it. I wonder what could cause the problem, I though the chip should have an internal LDO to power the Core.

ST Employee

Hi @Leonana69 ,

As explained in AN5419 Getting started with STM32H723/733, STM32H725/735 and STM32H730 Value
Line hardware development, "When it is not available on an external pin, VDDLDO is connected internally to VDD."

In the same document, please refer to the figure "System supply configuration" and the table "Power supply connection" to know more about required setup for VCAP.


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