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Microcontroller dead

Associate II

Morning everybody

The microcontroller on my nucleo board NUCLEO-H755ZI-Q is dead after i have used 5V external power to supply it. I don't understand why

Uwe Bonnes
Principal III

Read the data sheet and understand "Maximum ratings" Applying 5 Volt to an FT pin when the chip is unpowered will kill the chip as applying 5 Volt to a TT pin when powered.



Please, what mean "FT pin" and  "TT pin" ?

Have a look at the datasheet table "Legend/abbreviations used in the pinout table"

Senior II

On which pin or connector did you apply 5v? Try to connect to usb, and see if its getting detected by cube programmer. 

If the MCU heats up fast, it is broken. Been there, done that 8-)

I use pin 6 on CN11 to apply 5V, on JP2, pin 5 and 6 are connected.

There is no détection on cube programmer.


In the last program i loaded on nucleo board, i make LED yellow and green blinking. But they don't blink any more when the board is supply

The MCU doesn't heat