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Hello everyone. This trying to program some STM32F427 VIT6 through DFU but USB Windows does not recognize the Board (tried different cables and computers). I have also tried to program it using ST-Link Programmer, message "Revision ID: Unknown".Some help?

Associate II



Try STM32CubeProgrammer. Can you do a full chip erase? If not, post error message.

The chip needs to be in bootloader mode to respond on USB DFU. Hold BOOT0 high during reset.

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Thanks you very much for your response.

I will do it.

Thanks again...

This is the second time it has happened to me. Some people talk about "Fake Chips". How to know if my STM32 Chips are Fake?

Primarily, buy them from reputable sources.
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Chief II

Primary your foto with red arrow isnt DFU

2.colors wires isnt right, i have similar proggramer and GND pin is middle

3.use SWD connected utility and check your chip normal way

Red arrow shows ST-Link Programmer for SWD mode.

DFU mode needs Micro USB wire and enter in DFU mode.

I will do it again in SWD checking all wires.

Do you want to tell me that mi ST-Link programmer has the wires position changed?

GND in my ST-Link is for PINS 3 and 4


It's true...

In my ST-Link (Purple colour), Pins for GND are 3 and 4.

However, all's ST-Link V2 Photos that i can see in internet, pins for GND are 5 and 6.