ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! ST25R3911 high cpu use

I have integrated the ST25R3911B into an ARM64 Linux development board, using rfal_v1.3 for communication via SPI.I am able to poll and read cards successfully, but I've observed higher CPU usage.Upon inspecting the perf.svg, it appears that the st25...

zhaocz by Associate II
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How about STEVAL-SMARTAG1 No power mode?

Currently purchased with the STEVAL-SMARTAG1, it was discovered that the capability collected through the ST25 powers the L0 via EH pin VDD while collecting data from the sensor. I need to collect signals by thermocouple, which is the same transmissi...

Resolved! IOS NFC-TAP doesn't read FTM buffer

Hi everyone, I would like use FTM feature of ST25DV.I develop the code to write EEPROM and buffer of FTM, I can read this buffer with developed Kit and ST25PC-NFC software.But I can't use APP for IOS NFC-TAP because it doesn't read FTM buffer. why?

AGarc.8 by Associate
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Problem with ST25R Antenna Matching Tool

 Hello everyone, for my project I am using the X-Nucleo-NFC08A1 board. In addition, I am using an external antenna that I operate differentially. The antenna is connected to the board via an SMA connector. I know that I should also adjust the matchin...