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L6230 - simple BLDC driving with BEMF detection

Hello, I want to use l6230 for BLDC motor driving. I'm trying to use it in typical application from the attached picture.In this application is commutation drives through binary signal from CPOUT - zero crossing.Is commutation drives through a binary...


Resolved! STWBC86 GPIO registers

Hello, I'd like to use GPIO00 ... GPIO04 as outputs to select the used coil from a coil array for power transmitting.  I've seen the i2c addresses of the GPIO's configuration at 0x30 and followed. I'm wondering what address is foreseen to read or wri...


Hello, I am on the RX FOD Tunning (BPP) phase, and I have a question.   In the document, it is written - Reading Ptx and Prx is done automatically when using STEVAL- WBC86TX . But I am using just custom board, so I recorded the power from the  "Chart...

JAKE2 by Associate III
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ISO8200B query

1. Fault signal trigger: Communication error, what is the mechanism of its occurrence2. Does a watchdog timeout lower the Fault signal?3. Direct control mode, does the watchdog work?4. What is the tWD value?    

zhuyix by Associate
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Power good (PG) pin on LD39100

HiI am looking some guidance how to use the PG pin to indicate the power good mode with fixed versions of LD39100. (3.3 and 1.8V versions.) I plan to use the 3.3V output as an input for the fixed 1v8 ldo version, so ideally all I need to monitor to v...

lamikr by Associate
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Regarding REF pin and LDO pin outputs

Hello ST Team, We are using L5965 power management IC in one our projects. Currently we are in design phase and like to address one concern we are facing right now. So, if anyone could clarify, then it will be boon to us.Coming to the matter.In the b...

STEVAL-ISV020V1 - min required voltage to be operated

Hi ST Community / @Peter BENSCH I use my solar panel connected to the STEVAL-ISV020V1 to charge my LiPo battery. Everything works fine and it charges the battery. However since I am trying to charge it indoors, during night-time, my solar panel doesn...

rsmqu by Associate II
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Meaning of "Max" Values in Datasheet of SCT020H120G3AG

What is the meaning of the "max" values found in the datasheet of the SCT020H120G3AG SiC MOSFET for Vth and Rdson?  Is this the spread due to manufacturing or is already the possible aging/drift of the device also considered ?  Thank you in advance f...