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MEMS: We want your knowledge base suggestions!

Dear community members,We invite you to provide your suggestions for knowledge base articles in this thread. We strive to create articles that can assist or inspire you in the best possible way.Anything goes, the only condition is that it is related ...

About ODR_XL target during inactivity

Hello,I set ODR_XL target during inactivity(INACTIVITY_DUR XL_INACT_ODR_[1:0]), but when I read CTR1 ODR in inactivity mode, it doesn't change to the setting, why?

Yansu by Associate II
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AIS2IH VDD_IO Supply Current

Hello,What is the supply current into the VDD_IO pin on the AIS2IH? The VDD supply current requirements are explained in detail, but I do not see any note on the current into the VDD_IO pin.Best regards

LSM6DSL data retrieval

Hi,I am trying to get accelerometer and gyroscope readings from the LSM6DSL via a python script.Here is my code so far:def init(self):# activate gyro and accelself.write_reg(0x10,0b0110) #activate accelerometer (writing ODR_XL[3:0] in 0x10) at 416Hzs...

nmorgan by Visitor
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Can't connect the SensorTile with Raspberry pi

Hi,I want connect my SensorTile box with my Raspberry pi. For this, I use, but every time when i try to connect the devices then one of the given errors occur:guest@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo python3

Thermal Dependence of LPS33HW

We are currently using the ST LPS33HW pressure sensor in an industrial IoT application. I am aware that this product is being phased out, and we have plans to replace it with a different offering from ST. However, right now, we have 100s of these in ...

iis2mdc magnetometer not writing timestamp

I am trying to get the raw data (with timestamp included) from a few IIO devices (hardware sensors, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer) mounted on a linux platform and with the ST drivers. I was able to get the data for the ...

Ginkgo by Associate II
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LIS2MDL appears to output inconsistent values

Hi all, We have integrated an LIS2MDL magnetometer into our custom PCB. We have recently been running some tests on the boards, and are collection raw data from the sensor via the I2C line. In our testing, we have found that different boards appear t...

jspear by Associate
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ASM330LHH imu sensor

hello,i have few basic Question regarding accelerometer sensor.1. accelerometer data coming from imu sensor that is 2's compliment data, so should i receive this data in signed integer or unsigned integer? 2. i want to know whatever raw data is comin...

STHS34PF80 T_OBJECT interpretation

Hello,First time posting in this forum!I'm evaluting the STHS34PF80 sensor and went through these materials: Datasheet & AN5867.However, I could not find any information regarding the interpretation of the object temperature (after calculating the si...

tuanh by Associate
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