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BlueNRG-1, BlueNRG-2 BLE stack v2.x

Hi everyone,

I would like to design a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) server-side on my STWINBX1 board.
I saw some ST documentation, like "PM 0257: BlueNRG-1, BlueNRG-2 BLE stack v2.x programming guidelines"

On introduction, its said that it use "BlueNRG-1, BlueNRG-2 BLE stack v2.x library APIs", but thats unclear for me where can I find this library.

I found both

BLE Profiles_Lib 3.1.3 and BlueNRG-1_2 DK 3.2.3 projects, thats include severals .a files, somes demos, and theys seems to include lot of useless stuff for me.

I would like to download a simple library (like a .a) and some .h files to get prototypes of functions that I can use to design the BLE server part of my software. Do you know which library I have to download ?

Thanks a lot for your help