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Having problems with VL53L0X controlling via stm32F103c8

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I have a uni project which involves VL53L0X   ToF sensor, at first I thought it is easy I2C sensor, but when learning about it, found out that I was wrong . As I understood this sensor requires API to run it, but i cant find anywhere on the internet how to implement it in my project and how to control it. STM provides API which I cant understand and dont know how to implement it into my project . Maybe someone dealt with this sensor and can help me ? Found some solutions on the internet which are too complicated for me or are designed for arduino or arduinoIDE I use KeiluVision and stmIDE.

ST Employee

The easy solution is to switch change parts. The VL53L1X (which is a bit more expensive) comes with a much easier to understand UltraLite Driver.

But I feel your pain.

We started writing easier to understand drivers after the L0 was invented and no one wanted to go back. Of course the Linux programmers who did that driver think it's fine.

But I really think for a university project the L1X is the best way to go. Is it too late?

  • john

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