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Unico GUI Decision Tree generation error and filter coefficients.

Associate II


I am trying to develop an audio classification problem using Unico GUI as software to create a decision tree based on certain features and characteristics for an MLC. However, when I try to generate the decision tree, It doesnt seem to create nothing and instead on the .txt file the only thing that appears is the following:

No found the arff file.[load_arff]
No sample. [CART]

This must be an error because I am generating the arff file and generating the decision tree right after and the arff file is being generated properly but the decision tree. I know the arff file is working properly because I can load it in external tools such us weka. I wonder if the MEMs evaluation kit has to be connected to the computer in order for it to generate de decision tree or if I am simply doing something wrong.

Another issue is that the features selected for a filter are not recognized in Weka, or at least, they don't influence the decision tree classification when using that arff file on Weka and I don't know if this is an issue with weka or I am supposed to generate the decision tree with Unico in order for the filters to be recognized (but as I said, the decision tree is not generated properly on Unico).  As for the filter coefficients, I also have the question of how they are supposed to be computed because I have tried multiple things (even expressing them in half precision floating point format as it says on the guide for MLC) but nothings seems to work. As useful information I must add that I am computing the filter coefficients with MATLAB using the butter function.

I would appreciate if somebody can give me any type of insight on the topic. Thanks.

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Ciao @SRodr.4 ,

In order to better support this request, we need a little more information. Which version of UNICO are you using? Which adapter are you using or which one have you selected for offline mode?
Are you using our accelerometer or an external microphone? Which ODR have you set?

Can you also share the arff and your logs?


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The ODR is the maximum, 104 as the sampling rae of the data logs is 26200. Window length is also maximum and it is from an external microphone. The version of UNICO is the lates available and the adapter selected is the STEVAL-MKI197V1(LSM6DSOX). I can't attach ten arff file because it is not supported so I will attach it as a txt file, you will have to convert it. I also attach the logs.