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STEVAL-STWINBX1 datalogger board - name folders with year/month/date/time in standalone SD card mode


I am using the STEVAL-STWINBX1 development board and have downloaded the FP-SNS-DATALOG2 software to the board.

When I use the board in stand alone mode, the data is saved to the SD card and the folders are sequentially named as DL2_00001, DL2_00002, DL2_00003 etc.

When the board is connected via USB to a computer, the data is streamed and saved to to the computer and the folders are named with the year/month/date/time (YYYYMMDD_HH_MM_SS).

Is there anyway to name the folders with the year/month/date/time (YYYYMMDD_HH_MM_SS) when using the board in stand alone mode and logging to the SD card ? 

Whether that means implementing a real time clock or receiving a UNIX time from some external source ?

I need to synchronize the data logs from different DAQ systems including the STEVAL-STWINBX1, so a folder named with year/month/date/time is a requirement.

Note: This also relates to my post about synchronizing different DAQ systems...


ST Employee

Hello @johngj 

In pure standalone mode, DATALOG2 is not syncing with any host, so no RTC (Real Time Clock) is available.

As you already said, DATALOG2 is setting an RTC during the connection with a host. Hosts supported are a computer via USB but also a smartphone via BLE.

DATALOG2 is compatible with ST BLESensor app, (available for both Android and iOS), where there is a dedicated demo for board configuration, data tagging and log control. BLESensor can be used to start the acquisition on SD card, providing a remote control for your STEVAL-STWINBX1.

Have you already had a look at the Quick Start Guide? I suggest you to check section 2.1.3 - Data logging on SD card, configuration with BLE Sensor App.


Best regards


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Thanks Simone, I have looked at the quick start guide and user guider and I have tested it with the BLE Sensor App.

For this application, the board has to be used in stand alone mode as it will be fitted to a drone and used a like a black box data recorder.