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Lis2duxs12 Qvar - touch ucf and power consumption questions

Shannon Pahl
Associate II


1. Is there a ucf file or setup description for touch or swipe ? 

2. The power consumption seems very high for touch and swipe. Using the adapter board and Unico, with just the accelerometer and qvar running at 200hz low power mode, its about 13uA. I can see the qvar data plot working correctly but without the configuration of the mlc or fsm for touch. However, when touch is configured using the "Set Touch Detection Configuration' button, its running at about 52uA for touch and about 36uA for swipe. Does the mlc and fsm really use that much power for touch? Or are there some issues with the ST dev board in this scenario? Would setting the mlc odr lower help ? (but I'd need a way to reconfigure the mlc config, hence the need for the ucf or description)

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @Shannon Pahl ,

1. Take a look at our examples on Github.

2. I confirm you that the consumption you see are correct, you can try to set a lower ODR, you can try and see if it is ok for you.

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Thanks for the reply. But those examples do not refer to the qvar touch setup which is what I'm looking for.