ST Amazing Race Car (SPC5Studio)

Video created by Erwan Y Employee on Jun 7, 2018

    Video and android project created by Antoine BOYER
    Antoine has developed during his internship in STMicroelectronics, a bluetooth dashboard for android device.


    This project is the result of the sequel of the 24 Hours coding 2017 "ST Amazing Race Car":

    The annual event took place on 21 and 22 January at the CCI of Le Mans in Sarthe , France. ST Le Mans proposed this year the simulation of a car race. Ghislain Ballester, Michel Wojdaszka, Erwan Yvin and Philippe Noël have designed 10 "intelligent car" models that can react, be remotely controlled and become autonomous, using a microcontroller of the automotive family ADG SPC5 Studio. (Discovery Kit for SPC56 D line)


    link to the project :

    - Android Application : Antoine BOYER
    - Firmware developed in SPC5Studio : Swag Team
    - This video : Antoine BOYER
    - STMicroelectronics : Home - STMicroelectronics 
    - SPC5Studio : SPC5Studio 
    - SPC560D Discovery kit : SPC56D-Discovery - Discovery Kit for SPC56 D line - with SPC56D40L1 MCU - STMicroelectronics 
    - Chibios : ChibiOS free embedded RTOS - ChibiOS Homepage