STM32F7 ESC001V1 CAN Support and User Interface

Video created by Mikrocontroller Projekte on May 11, 2018

    Hi! This is MikrocontrollerProjekte, a YouTube Channel about STM32 microcontroller projects.

    Today I will show you my latest project about the STEVAL-ESC001V1 reference design for electronic speed controllers (ESC) used for drones. The ESC hardware supports a CAN Bus interface but currently CAN ist not supported by the official STSW-ESC001V1 firmware/software package.

    The video shows you a short demonstration for a CAN controlled ESC. The STM32F746G Discovery board controls the ESC via CAN and offers a quick-response user interface which shows engine parameters and offers speed control.

    You can see speed control and full active braking of the BLDC at varying torques. I was pleased to see everything running fine and working together.


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    Have fun!

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