Macronix 8-I/Os Read-While-Write NOR Flash operation on STM32L4+

Video created by Andrea Silvagni on Apr 6, 2018

    Macronix 8-I/Os NOR Flash solution with Read-While-Write (RWW) function was mounted on a #STM32L4R9 EVB.

    RWW function allows updating the content of one bank of the Flash device while continuing Read operation on the other banks. RWW Function is excellent to update content (e.g. Over The Air) while executing application without interruption, waiting for the update to be completed.


    In the video,  a #MX25LW51245G (512Mb 8 I/Os with RWW) device contains several pictures that are sequentially read out from one of the four RWW banks and transferred to the display. 


    At 00'18" an SD Card is plugged into the EVB to simulate an update event. Immediately upload of new pictures from SD to Bank is started.

    The update starts with Erasing the whole Bank to be updated, as shown on the sidebar of the display. Afterwards, programming of the new images into the bank is done.

    During the update process, the application continues to read out the pictures from the other three banks of the Flash. At the end of programming operation, the application will read out the new pictures from the updated bank.