SPC58 : Scalable, Connected, and Secure Automotive MCUs

Video created by Erwan Y Employee on Nov 16, 2017

    For more information: http://bit.ly/Chorus-SPC5


    The SPC58 "Chorus" products are the latest in the successful SPC5 family with enhanced scalability, connectivity, and security.

    The SPC58 targets a number of automotive applications including in-car gateways, firmware updates over-the-air, electric-vehicle battery management, lighting and body control units, and advanced parking applications.


    Premium vehicles today typically now have around 130 electronic control units (ECUs).

    These are networked to control about 150 motors and actuators.

    With this in mind the SPC58 line has been designed with scalable performance options, memory sizes, package options and a host of networking interfaces, all secured with the latest cryptographic HSM. The SPC58 “Chorus” automotive MCUs includes the http://bit.ly/SPC58-B-Line, http://bit.ly/SPC58_C_Line, http://bit.ly/SPC58_G_Line, and coming soon, the SPC58 H Line. For all detailed technical questions, please check out our community site at http://bit.ly/ST-COMMUNITY where you can meet and exchange with ST FAES, employees and other engineers.