STM32F4 Serial terminal console

Video created by de_simone.francesco on Jul 26, 2017

    Hi, this is my personal implementation of a serial terminal on an STM32F4 Discovery board. I am developing this control shell so that I can test the features that I will add to my projects that will use the STM32 MCUs.


    This console interfaces through a serial port to the PC, where a terminal emulation program such as PUTTY or MobaTerm is running (I prefer MobaTerm since it supports also the alternate graphic set).  


    I could take simultaneously the video screen capture and the overlaying webcam video that shows the STM32F4 discovery in action. Unfortunately, the quality of the video clip is not excellent, but this should be clear.


    In this demo, I show the use of a simple set of commands that control a couple of status LEDs, and a few basic shell commands. The terminal program works in cycles so I could start some possible background tasks when needed.


    This API is developed around the Standard Peripheral Library 1.8 for STM32F4xx microcontrollers, and I used the ATOLLIC TrueStudio IDE. The logo was designed with Gimp, and saved as a common BMP 8bpp image. I created a special palette that reflects the ANSI 256 color indexed palette. The library could open a *.bmp file and show it on the console. Of course, the resolution is poor, 80x32 pixels in my configuration,l but it's possible to extend the width and height of the terminal window, reduce the font, and have a higher resolution output.


    For now, this is it, I will update the community with news soon.