Full dial speedometer on STM32F407

Video created by Dhaval Joshi on Jun 14, 2017

    This is my another video on the speedometer. here you will see full dial speedometer and it's working. As you see on my previous video there is a half dial of speedometer used to display as engine RPM or fuel indicator.
    I used STM32F407 controller to demonstrate this application, I build and dump the hex file to the controller. As you can see here when I very the potentiometer the needle change its position accordingly. Here I used 12 bit ADC channel as input and LCD as output. As we all know ADC is not much accurate. To overcome that problem, I build one algorithm which takes 20 samples from ADC channel and takes one average from that sample value. That value will be displayed on the dial. Here the range of dial is 0 to 200 means when the potentiometer is at low resistance position then needle indicates 0 and when the potentiometer is at maximum resistance the needle indicate 200. like, share and subscribe for more updates.

    Github link for library: