DSO using STM32F407

Video created by Dhaval Joshi on May 21, 2017

    Hello friends,
    Me Dhaval welcome you all to another video, today I’m talking about Digital Oscilloscope. we know that oscilloscope is used to measure frequency and amplitude of analog or digital signals. as well as it is used to display waveform on a screen. in this video, I’m demonstrating the basic Digital oscilloscope by using STM32F407 and how it’s work, you are watching DTech and let’s get started.
    I used 12 bit ADC channel as input and LCD as output. As I vary the potentiometer waveform change accordingly. Now I remove the probe from the potentiometer and connect it with the PA5 pin where a square wave is already generating using Digital to analog converter. The frequency I used here to generate the square wave is 1 Hz. As you seen here waveform has been generated according to pulses generated by DAC. Now trying to make this scenario simpler, DAC generates 1 Hz square waveforms and ADC is capture that signals and display it on screen in the range of 0-100%. By using this method, you can create your portable Digital oscilloscope. Thanks for watching my video, If you like this video hit the like button, share this video, any questions and suggestions are appreciated by comment below. For more updates subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you in the next one.