LEO - Little Embedded Oscilloscope based on STM32

Video created by Fischer.Jan on Mar 2, 2017

    LEO is alternative to starndard laboratory instruments such as oscilloscope, generator, voltmeter and voltage source. It is designed mainly for educational purposes and it may be used at laboratories or at home.

    Project is being developed by students at laboratory of videometry at Department of Measurement at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.



    Based on Nucleo-F303RE

    Using many peripherals: DMA, TIMers, ADC, DAC, UART, USB ...




    Sampling rate: 4 channels up to 6 Msps

    Resolution: 12 / 8 bit

    Signal memory: up to 40k samples



    Sampling fequency: 2 channels 2Msps

    Resolution: 12 bit

    Data memory: up to 1k samples (optionally 20k samples)

    Functions: arbitrary waveform, sine, square, triangle, sinc


    Everybody can play with LEO. All you need is NUCLEO-F303RE and LEO SW & FW which can be downloaded from http://leo.fel.cvut.cz/

    Nucleo can work alone but can be also extednded using analog expansion board to be "real" instrument.


    Enjoy and let us know how do you like it.