Table tennis robot STM32F303VCT6

Video created by Sergey Vasyliev on Feb 21, 2017

    This is my hobby project - table tennis robot. I’ve created it with a STM32F303VCT6 microcontroller and STM32 FOC SDK.

    Demonstration of shots here - Tennis robot - long shot demonstration - YouTube 

    Vedroitt PCB

    The robot has many parameters, which provide fine-tuning of all hardware – you can configure each part of robot from an Android application


    1.    Motors speed limits
    2.    Servo motor limits
    3.    You can use bipolar stepper motor or geared DC motor for ball feeding with controlling of motors parameters
    4.    You can setup sound beep before shoot
    5.    Self-learning system for use any IR remote
    6.    An optical sensor used for detecting ball near motors. You also can setup sensor level from Android device


    The robot can work in different modes:

    1.    One preset mode with real-time controlling of parameters
    2.  One out of five programs, which you can create and save in robots memory. It allows you to  start them just with IR remote without any smartphone

    The robot is controlled via Android application with Bluetooth LE (app was written with Xamarin Forms framework). You can setup tons presets and create a  program based on them - up to 200 presets for one program. After that you can run a program from IR remote even without a smartphone.


    Also, you can use any IR remote, because robot can learn commands from any IR remote and save them for the future.

    My robot is still under construction. You can contact me via:


    Blog (under construction now)

    History of development here Table tennis robot - YouTube  

    Additional information here Table tennis robot - homemade hobby project 

    Robot barrell with PCB