Camera project with STM32F429

Video created by Males.Uros.001 on Feb 16, 2017

    I created firmware for the camera project, based on STM32F429II MCU.

    It took me 10 months to get from start to first release candidate version, which we were able to test on the field. 

    As this was my first time working with STM and doing a complete firmware development from scratch (on my own), it took me approx. 3 months to get all the modules up and running, 4 months to program basic functionality of the device and 3 months for integrating everything under the RTX. RTX that I used was not the same as the one which is provided in CubeMX.
    After the RC was done and tested the project was then handed over to colleagues to refine the code, functionality etc.


    For me, it was quite nice to work with STM, especially because of the support available from the community, I really like the architecture of the code (how the STM packs everything) and that I was able to test different modules of the firmware quite easy and fast with using CubeMX.


    If anyone has some questions regarding this thing, drop me an email or pm.


    In case if you missed it on the end of the video:

    Why I love it:
    - HAL drivers
    - demo up and running; not in hours, but in minutes
    - CubeMX saves time and unnecessary work
    - I can focus on what I want to do, not on reinventing the wheel


    Why I trust it:
    - Started working with STM approx. 2 years ago.
    - There was a bit of unclarity and confusion around HAL, but it's getting better and better.
    - If there is a driver or mcu issue you will find or get help from the community.


    Why would I recommend STM?
    - Really quick setup of the projects. CubeMX rocks!
    - Easy for making modular approach and prototyping.
    - Support from the community.
    - People from STM seem to understand how the firmware architecture should be made.


    Would I recommend it to my friends? Yes.
    Will I use the STM MCUs in the future? Yes.



    Cheers, Uros