Power management guide 2016 - promo video

Video created by Galioto.Luigi Employee on Jan 9, 2017

    Optimizing complete solutions in terms of energy efficiency according to market requirements for features and performance is practically mandatory. The key element in developing a successful system is selecting the best silicon device. To help you find the best devices for the most common applications, the power management guide is organized in three main sections:

    • APPLICATIONS: a complete overview of the main application types with the list of the suggested ST products and information about feature evaluation boards and reference designs
    • PRODUCTS: a complete overview of ST’s device families for the power management arena with the list of the main fitting applications
    • SOFTWARE TOOLS: a complete overview of eDesignSuite, the main ST power management tool


    Have a look at the attached promo video, and take the benefits of the first complete ST power management guide from https://community.st.com/docs/DOC-1307-power-management-guide-2016