• STM32, ADC and continuous conversion mode

    Hi. I need to have the value of 2 channels and the internal temperature. My adc is setup as this:     hadc.Instance = ADC1;   hadc.Init.ClockPrescaler = ADC_CLOCK_ASYNC_DIV1;   hadc.Init.Resoluti...
    Denis Gottardello
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  • ON/OFF Microcontroller

    We are using STM8L051F3 and it has 2 inputs which is 2 key keypad which we are using for our application. Now i want to use that keypad for ON/OFF of microcontroller also.How i can do that? I want to ON controller pow...
    Omkar Teli
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  • STM32F429 CAN communication

    Hello,      i am using STM32F429IIT controller.I am trying communicate between CAN1 and CAN2 but yet not success.can you please provide any reference code for the CAN communication.   Thanks
    Sameer Wagh
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  • STM32F334 with 24C32 EEPROM I2C Read/Write

    Hi,   Trying to get I2C communication between a F334 and a 24C32 EEPROM working, The read and write functions do return correctly, but the reads do not match what has been written to the EEPROM. Struggling to ...
    Manu Abraham
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  • IIS2DH Activity/Inactivity threshold setting

    Hi, I have configured accelerometer's registers as follows. So, from the activity threshold value how I know that at which raw value of X, Y, and Z axis it will be interrupted on a specific pin? /////////////////////...
    Arpan Patel
    created by Arpan Patel
  • Confirmed Messages issue with LRWAN 1.1.4

    Hello.   I was working with the LRWAN software using the Murata module a couple of months ago and was happy with its operation and functionality on my custom PCB. I moved over to hardware/antenna development and...
    Ben Ning
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  • STM32F746 Ethernet DMA Transmit problem

    Hi, I am developing Ethernet driver on STM32F7-DISCO board. I set buffer address, buffer size in Tx descriptor. Then I set control bits in TDES0 of Tx descriptor and write DMATPDR register to send the frame. ...
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  • LIS3DH Accelerometer read commands only return data from the first register read

    Hi everyone,   I'm working with a LIS3DH accel and having trouble reading registers. I'm able to successfully read the value from any single register, but all subsequent reads return the same value. I.e. if I re...
    Rocne Scribner
    created by Rocne Scribner
  • stm32H743 and usart2 problem

    Dear All, I have just ported the RTOS uKOS (www.ukos.ch) on the new stm32H743. Everything work fine at the exception of the usart2. I have strange situations with the interruptions, and as soon as I receive a ch...
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  • Does USB device code for STM32 really allocate dynamic memory from interrupts?

    Today in one of my projects I've enabled a new feature of my RTOS (distortos - advanced real-time operating system) which ensures some functions are not used in interrupts. This checks - among others - for any use of ...
    Freddie Chopin
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  • send data to serial Keil uvision

    I am looking for a GUI window in Keil uvision4 to send data to the serial. When I open serial window (USART #1-3), I am not able to type any characters on the screen to send to the serial. Is there a way to ...
    Muzahir Hussain
    created by Muzahir Hussain
  • Keil vs TrueSTUDIO IDE

    I have been using Keil IDE for years (as a hobbyist). Maybe someone who knows both Keil & TrueStudio could share some details about pros & cons.   I know that the primary difference is lack of licensing...
    Bogdan Golab
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  • How to generate a signal combining a Sine wave and Hann Window?

    Dear All,   I would like to generate a 2 kHz ±10 V Sine-wave with Hann window, as shown in the figure below. Do you have any ideal how to implement this function in STM32F4, and are there any additional cir...
    Hailing SKY
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  • 2018 STM32 Wish List

    Dear Community Members & STM32 fans,   Today 05th December 2017: it’s been a year since we started with the Jive solution as a platform for our STM32 MCUs Forum . For sure, we still have things...
    Amel N
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  • STEVAL-IDB007V1 scan for advertisement data

    I am currently trying to scan and log advertisement data using STEVAL-IDB007V1.  Advertisement data will be coming out of separate BLE compatible module.    Would this be possible using BlueNRG GUI an...
    K C
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  • MotionFX library (MotionFX_update()) is corrupting memory

    I am running the MotionFX library from X-CUBE-MEMS1 on a STM32L433V processor.  The MotionFX_update function is corrupting a block of memory (about 64 bytes) belonging to other functions (verified by br...
    Kurt Holmquist
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  • AT24CM02 interfacing issues with STM32F072

    Hi,   In our project we are using STM32F072 and have 2 Atmel AT24CM02 serial EEPROM (256KB,256 page) over i2c interface. I am using standard peripheral library 1.5 for developing firmware for this. I find strang...
    Nandakumar Palaparambil
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  • Cant set any data in SDMMC register on STM32L496VGT

    Hello everyone,            I have a really weird issue with running an SD card on a STM32L496VGT. I can't seem to set any bit in any SDMMC registers. I've tried hard ...
    Luke Iliffe
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  • Problem compiling in STVD

    Hello, I am modifying the code of an STM8S003 that already works. But the code stopped working, even though I have not made any changes yet. The STVD displays the following error message:   #error clnk Debug\a...
    Vitor Schulter
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  • H7 silicon bug?

    Dear All, I try to write to the community with the hope that ST can read this message. I am facing to a problem concerning the usart2 of the new H743. I suspect a silicon bug! As soon as I stress a bit the commu...
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