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Missing event WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED for STemWin button

Question asked by schoffit.christian on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by schoffit.christian
STM32F429I-Discovery demonstation application compiled with GCC sometimes hangs on release of a STemWin button.

It is due to a bug in k_bsp.c code in function k_TouchUpdate() which sends wrong coordinates when users lift pen from touch panel.

I manage to fix the problem with the following modifications in line 118:

    if((ts.X != 0) &&  (ts.Y != 0))
    if((ts.X != 0) &&  (ts.Y != 0)
       && ts.TouchDetected != 0) /* 08/07/2015: Fix WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED event missing */

Hope this can help!