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SPL for F0xx, V1.5.0 .chm help file has missing info (19/Jul/2015)

Question asked by afonso.luis.002 on Jul 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by Nesrine M
Just wanted to give a heads up to this.
First of all, I am sorry if it was already referenced but I could not find anything when using the search tool.

I have the V1.5.0 standard peripheral library package for F0 series. I also have V1.4.0.
One thing I noticed is that the V1.5.0 is missing all the drivers info!
There's nothing there as far as I am aware, when I got to "Modules" there is nothing there for them, when I searched for it further I had no success in finding the information. 

I downloaded again the package and as of now, July the 19th of 2015, the problem still persists.

To note that in V1.4.0 there was also a problem with it, the info for the timer drivers was not present in the correct place, and was instead on the page before it, named "STM32F0xx_StdPeriph_Driver".

I find that help file really useful and wanted to bring attention to this problem with hope it is fixed. I know most of that info can be found in the source files btw.