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STM32F3Discovery : Unknown target connected / Keil

Question asked by Jean on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by John Griswold
I just got a new STM32F3Discovery board and when I am trying to start a debug session using Keil, it is giving me an error saying "unknown target connected" and it fails to download code into the flash. Has anyone faced this issue before ? Are there any solutions ?

I am able to read & erase flash using STlink utility/V2. I am able to download code using the same, but seems like device is not running the downloaded code. All I see the PWR and COM LEDs lit up red.

I also have STM32F4Discovery board which works without any issues.

I use the following versions:

IDE-Version: µVision V4.60.0.0
Tool Version Numbers:
Toolchain:        MDK-Lite  Version:
Toolchain Path:    C:\Keil\ARM\ARMCC\bin\
C Compiler:         Armcc.Exe
Assembler:          Armasm.Exe       V5.02.0.28
Linker/Locator:     ArmLink.Exe       V5.02.0.28
Librarian:             ArmAr.Exe       V5.02.0.28
Hex Converter:      FromElf.Exe       V5.02.0.28
CPU DLL:               SARMCM3.DLL       V4.60.0.0
Dialog DLL:         DARMSTM.DLL       V1.64.0.0
Target DLL:         STLink\ST-LINKIII-KEIL.dll
Dialog DLL:         TARMSTM.DLL       V1.64.0.0

STM32F3Discovery Firmware Version: V2.J16.S0 JTAG Debugger (As shown by ST-Link Utility)

Library Version : STM32F3-Discovery_FW_V1.1.0