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STM32F429 HardFault with STemWin-Flexskin

Question asked by fran84 on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by Clive One
I'm new with the STM32 MCU and I have a problem on my custom board that I can not solve: the system is an STM32F429ZI with SDRAM and a display, like the STM32F4DIscovery. I work with IAR and I made a little test firmware: the display show an image and then I call the GUI_Init() of STemWin. 
Here the code:


// Call creation function for the dialog
hDlg = CreateWindow0();



I used the GUIBuilder to make a GUI with 3 buttons in a window.
Every 100ms there is a check of the touchscreen and it sends the information with the GUI_TOUCH_StoreStateEx(). 
At this point, the system works: touchscreen, the buttons... but I want change the graphic and use the FlexSkin so after the Gui_Init() I send BUTTON_SetDefaultSkin(BUTTON_SKIN_FLEX).
It seems to work but after some pressions of the buttons and some touches in the free zones (sometimes after 1 touch and sometimes after 5+..) the MCU is blocked in Hard Fault Handler.
I increased the memory for the GUI:
// Define the available number of bytes available for the GUI
#define GUI_NUMBYTES  (1024) * 140

but the problem persist.
Can someone help me to find the solution?
Thank you very much.