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STM32F4 tip: reset the cache

Question asked by sutherland.hugh on Dec 9, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2012 by fleig.jon
I had a head-slap moment a few days ago. I eliminated much of the "quirky behavior" of my STM32F4Discovery board by having SystemInit() disable and reset the cache.

The STM32F4Discovery was my first ST-Link product as well as my first STM32F4 development board. I had somehow concluded that the ST-Link interface was a little flaky, and had more or less resigned myself to killing the power after every flash to get the new code to run properly.

This seems obvious in retrospect; I may be the only one who frequents the board that was not aware of it. But since the results of my search for "cache" were sparse (and strange) I'll post the tip.