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STR912 External Memory Interface reading data

Question asked by dorn.daniel on Nov 15, 2013
Hello, I got a question regarding using the External Memory Interface on the STR912. It is planned to use 16 bit multiplexed addressing so the address&data line is bidirectional. I want to use the interface to connect to a FPGA, and writing works. Because I use an input/output connection there can be problems which could destroy the pins of the FPGA, if it is sending at the same time the microcontroller is sending. So the read process is problematic.

Does the EMI inside the STR912 put the address&data line to high resistance to allow transfer from the FPGA to the Microcontroller?

I already looked into the application note AN2647, but it doesn´t describe the process completely, probably because the EMI is normally used to connect a "dumb" SRAM or Flash. Is there more documentation?

Thanks in advance.