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STR912FW44 VIC power up issue

Question asked by visnikar.anja on Aug 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by erwin
I'm trying to use VIC module on STR912FW44 and when I try to write to it's registers, it seems like it's unresponsive - nothing changes. I had no issues getting TIM0 to work, but no success with VIC.

I set the gating settings correctly, checked the clock settings... Clock settings I have say that AHB should use MSTR as HCLK and MSTR is OK, considering TIM0 works. Either I'm missing something or there is something wrong with my MCU. I tried to set everything as I saw set in examples that were using the str912 library, but when I got to the point to set VIC registers, nada.

Can someone please explain what is the correct process to bring VIC to life? I'm not using the supplied library, so please just name the registers that need to be set and in which order, if it's important.