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ride7 and STR91x_Lib

Question asked by goncharov.sergey on May 8, 2013
hi to all. can't get lib to work, tryed GPIO example but it did not worked on real mcu, tryed  in simulation mode where i see default value of registers, i've tryed example as is, without any changes.can't say version of library,it was in ride7 without readme or version txt. Ride version,if i'm using str91x.h instead of 91x_lib.h and work with registers directly all works lib provided with ride7 broken? there are strange differencec in definitions of GPIO and i think all other peripherals messed up too, example = data register declared a an array of 1021 unsigned i need to compile lib downloaded from this site and replace ol lib with new v.2.1 ? (not sure why but when i've tryed to compile downloaded lib even when i'm placing all files in one folder, both headers and sources ride7 gives me errors about mising files or missing defines in files.)