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Running STR91x with a a non-25MHz Oscillator - strange values from the baud rate generator

Question asked by prosinger.istvan on Apr 20, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by prosinger.istvan
Dear Colleagues,

Actally, I couldn't get a 25Mhz crystal so I put a 24Mhz on my system, adjusting the PLL to

SCU_PLLFactorsConfig(200, 25, 2)

(the M,N,P parameters), so it makes it run at 96Mhz again. All is fine but my baud rate generator for UART generates odd values (like it's clock is sourced form the crystal As I can tell from the Block Diagram, it's sourced from APB and the APB and  all the other clocks are set up to be based on fmclk which is sett to PLL...all should work fine, but still....

Any ideas here?