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UART0 config problem

Question asked by prosinger.istvan on Mar 17, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2013 by prosinger.istvan
Dear Colleagues,
My initialisation file is attached below. I have configuren 4 timer for PWM  and UART0 for communication.
The timers are working fine, but the UART does not give me any interrupt when 8 (or even more...) bytes come into the FIFO. Any idea what am I missing here?
I checked up everything else, it must be some initialisation mistake....

 SCU_MCLKSourceConfig(SCU_MCLK_OSC); /* Default configuration */
                 FMI_LVD_ENABLE, FMI_FREQ_HIGH);/*Insert 2 Wait States for read*/
 SCU_PLLFactorsConfig(192, 25, 2); /* PLL factors Configuration based on*/
                                        /* a OSC/Crystal value = 25Mhz*/    
 SCU_PLLCmd(ENABLE);  /* PLL Enable and wait for Locking*/    
 SCU_RCLKDivisorConfig(SCU_RCLK_Div1); /* RCLK @96Mhz */
 SCU_HCLKDivisorConfig(SCU_HCLK_Div1); /* AHB @96Mhz */
 SCU_FMICLKDivisorConfig(SCU_FMICLK_Div1);/* FMI @96Mhz */
 SCU_PCLKDivisorConfig(SCU_PCLK_Div2); /* APB @48Mhz */
 SCU_MCLKSourceConfig(SCU_MCLK_PLL);  /* MCLK @96Mhz */
 SCU_APBPeriphClockConfig(__GPIO6, ENABLE);
 SCU_APBPeriphClockConfig(__UART0, ENABLE);
 SCU_APBPeriphClockConfig(__TIM01, ENABLE);
 SCU_APBPeriphClockConfig(__TIM23, ENABLE);
 UART_InitStructure.UART_WordLength = UART_WordLength_8D;
 UART_InitStructure.UART_StopBits = UART_StopBits_1;
 UART_InitStructure.UART_Parity = UART_Parity_No;
 UART_InitStructure.UART_BaudRate = 115200;
 UART_InitStructure.UART_HardwareFlowControl = UART_HardwareFlowControl_None;
 UART_InitStructure.UART_Mode = UART_Mode_Tx_Rx;
 UART_InitStructure.UART_FIFO = UART_FIFO_Enable;
 UART_InitStructure.UART_TxFIFOLevel = UART_FIFOLevel_7_8;  // TX...ha nagyon betellik...
 UART_InitStructure.UART_RxFIFOLevel = UART_FIFOLevel_1_2;  // 8 byte -os csomagokat fogok mindeg kuldeni
 UART_Init(UART0, &UART_InitStructure);
 UART_ITConfig(UART0, UART_IT_Receive , ENABLE);

 VIC_Config(UART0_ITLine, VIC_IRQ, 0);