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STM32F4 Discovery: Trying to trigger ADC conversion with Timer, How to Debug?

Question asked by kaminski.bryan on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by kaminski.bryan
Hi all,

Trying to trigger ADC conversion with a Timer, (8 kHz, to be exact).
Without doing an annoying,12 page code dump here, how can I debug my app to make sure the Timer event is triggering the ADC conversion? I'm very new to debugging on this platform, so be gentle. Thanks.

Edit: By debug, I mean, how can I look into the chip to see which flags are set for the ADC. I am thinking I could check the ADC status flag to see if it has performed, or is currently performing a conversion, but is there also a way to see the timer event firing? Do I just view the memory location of the ADC status register? I'm kinda looking for a platform independent answer, but for what its worth, I'm currently using Keil uVision4.