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STM32CUBEMX 4.9.0 Updater check fails during access to HTTP Server

Question asked by John F. on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by STM32Cube-T
I have installed STM32CUBEMX 4.9.0. on my Win7 PC. Using Help/Install New Libraries I can download and install for example Firmware Package for Family STM32F4. However, Help/Check for Updates (or the Check button in the New Libraries Manager pane) produces an error with the Connection to HTTP Server green progress bar stopped at about 50% and the pop up message "Error during Access to HTTP Server. Please check Proxy ..."

I am using the Use System Proxy Parameters setting but have also tried a manual configuration that works OK with Rowley CrossWorks IDE. Pressing the Check connection button always brings up a green tick regardless of the Proxy Server Type radio button setting.

Is this a CubeMX problem? Any advice please?