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Help with ADC DAC with DMA

Question asked by gho.sam on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by lo_re.gilberto
Hello everyone, I'm trying to generate sine wave using DAC from the STM32F0 discovery kit from 1hz to 10khz, and use ADC to read back the signal, TIM2 is used to clock the sine_table>>DMA>>DAC, by changing TIM2.Period I can have the required frequencies but I noticed distorted sine wave at lower frequencies, anyway the difficult problem is to read the signal back by ADC1.
how to maintain like a 200-300 sample/frame for that range,
I tried to use TIM2 to trigger both DMA for DAC and ADC but at lower frequencies, ADC will see only a part of the signal, while at higher frequncy will capture many cycles of the sine wave, my question is how to sync both DAC and ADC through DMA so ADC will just cover one cycle of the sine wave throuth the frequency range?
any help or clue is appreciated