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MII Management Interface variation

Question asked by kyrylenko.mykola on Dec 1, 2011
We are using the Micrel KSZ8863MLL Ethernet switch with the STR912.
The KSZ8863 has some extended registers (called SMI), which are accessed the same as the MII Management interface except the Opcode is '00' and not either '10' or '01' in the MIIM frame format.

Looking at the ENET_MIIA register on the STR912, there is no option to specify the Opcode, only Read or Write (I assume maps to '10' and '01' respectively).
Is it possible to set an Opcode of '00'?

The other option, is to bit-bash the SMI interface, but the MII_MDIO pin is not on a GPIO port.
Can it be configured to behave like a normal output pin?

If the above cannot be done, are there any options where I can implement the KSZ8863 SMI via the STR912 MII_MDIO and MII_MDC pins. [PCB already designed and being manufactured]