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Restrictive ldscript files in Stm32Cube F1

Question asked by Rickta59 on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Amel N
I'm trying to decide if I want to use the STM32CUBE HAL code. Because I'm on linux, the cubemx thing doesn't run well, so I used the windows version and generated some code to use with openstm32 ( which also doesn't run well with linux ).  I ignored all the openstm32 stuff and just created a new C project in standard eclipse.  I setup all the include paths and symbols by hand. 

I was feeling happy that I got it going without too much trouble and then I noticed this header in the linker script:


**  File        : LinkerScript.ld
**  Abstract    : Linker script for STM32F103C8Tx Device with
**                64KByte FLASH, 20KByte RAM
**                Set heap size, stack size and stack location according
**                to application requirements.
**                Set memory bank area and size if external memory is used.
**  Target      : STMicroelectronics STM32
**  Distribution: The file is distributed as is, without any warranty
**                of any kind.
**  (c)Copyright Ac6.
**  You may use this file as-is or modify it according to the needs of your
**  project. Distribution of this file (unmodified or modified) is not
**  permitted. Ac6 permit registered System Workbench for MCU users the
**  rights to distribute the assembled, compiled & linked contents of this
**  file as part of an application binary file, provided that it is built
**  using the System Workbench for MCU toolchain.

Questions I have:

1.) Is this intentional or just an overly cautious template in the cubemx code generator?

2.) Are their other legal landmines lurking in the generated code that I should be aware of if my intent is to use this with open source code projects?