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Stm CubeMX, NucleoL152 and SD Card Shield

Question asked by AntonioLinux on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by STM32Cube-T
Hi to all, i'm a newbie of programming embedded, i have a Stm nucleo L152RE and i a sd card shiled v 4.1 of seeed studio this is the link of shiled.
Now i want use cubemx for use this shield, i use this setting:

RCC    Crystal/Ceramic Resonator    RCC_OSC_IN    PH0-OSC_IN
RCC    Crystal/Ceramic Resonator    RCC_OSC_OUT    PH1-OSC_OUT
SPI1    Full-Duplex Master    SPI1_MISO    PA6
SPI1    Full-Duplex Master    SPI1_MOSI    PA7
SPI1    Full-Duplex Master    SPI1_SCK    PA5
SYS    Trace-Asynchronous_SW    SYS_JTMS-SWDIO    PA13
SYS    Trace-Asynchronous_SW    SYS_JTCK-SWCLK    PA14
SYS    Trace-Asynchronous_SW    SYS_JTDO-TRACESWO    PB3
USART2    Asynchronous    USART2_RX    PA3
USART2    Asynchronous    USART2_TX    PA2

Pin Nb    PINs    FUNCTIONs    LABELs
2    PC13-WKUP2    GPIO_Input    B1 [Blue PushButton]
3    PC14-OSC32_IN*    RCC_OSC32_IN    
4    PC15-OSC32_OUT*    RCC_OSC32_OUT    
5    PH0-OSC_IN    RCC_OSC_IN    
6    PH1-OSC_OUT    RCC_OSC_OUT    
16    PA2    USART2_TX    USART_TX
17    PA3    USART2_RX    USART_RX
21    PA5    SPI1_SCK    
22    PA6    SPI1_MISO    
23    PA7    SPI1_MOSI    
46    PA13    SYS_JTMS-SWDIO    TMS
49    PA14    SYS_JTCK-SWCLK    TCK
57    PB5    GPIO_Output   

I select FatFs to read and  write on SDcard

now i generete the code i don't see the file sd_diskio.c, can you give me example or how to, for setting and use it.

best regards