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ST-Link no longer recognises STM32f4 discovery..

Question asked by scutt.stephen on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2012 by scutt.stephen
Hi all and thanks for your help so far..
I have been fooling around with trying to get Maple to work with my STM32F4 discovery board and have got into a tangle..
I successfully uploaded the Maple bootloader .bin to the board and got the Maple lib working on the board via a VCP in fs mode.
But now, I want to revert back to being able to use the ST-link utility and ST-Link utility doesn't recognize the device..?.. When I run the utility I get this message:

12:51:29 : [maple_boot.bin] opened successfully.
12:51:39 : No STLink detected

But the board won't connect..
I can however use DFuse and have successfully loaded up the original DEMO firmware .dfu file back onto the board.

Would anyone be able to help me get back to using ST-link??

Thanks again, again.