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CubeMX DCMI Question re VSYNC Iterrupts

Question asked by sidlauskas.david on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by sidlauskas.david
I used CubeMX to create a DCMI camera interface project for the F407 Discovery board. Just after MX_DCMI_Init is called, a VSYNC interrupt is generated. After that VSYNC ints are turned off and no DCMI operations occur.

This is not surprising since the VSYNC ISR disables this interrupt.

      /* Disable the VSYNC interrupt */

I've searched through the product code and can find no place other than in MX_DCMI_Init that this interrupt is enabled.

I've looked as the DCMI example project for the F4xxG EVAL board and it has the same code with no obvious code that re-enables the interrupt. I assume this example works, and it can't without VSYNC interrupts being re-enabled, so my question is:

How does the VSYNC interrupt get re-enabled in CubeMX generated code or the F4 Eval board example code, once it is disabled by its ISR ?

Thanks for your help,