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Discovery-F3 and Discovery-F4 Difference Articles

Question asked by Scot Kornak on Nov 17, 2012
I have written two articles that you may find helpful if you are trying to decide between the STM32 F3 or F4 microcontrollers for a project.
Or between the Discovery-F3 and the Discovery-F4 modules.

The first article describes the differences between the F3 and F4 microcontroller families.  
"Introducing the STMicro F3 Family of ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontrollers"

The second article describes the differences between the Discovery-F3 and F4 modules.  They have the same physical footprint, but the pinouts are different and the peripherals are different.
"STM32 Discovery-F3 and Discovery-F4 Differences"

If you would like to comment on the articles, or make suggestions to improve them, you can post here or send me an email (listed at the end of the articles).

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